Nov 9, 2022Liked by Sarah Constantin

I work for a BUZZWORD in APPLICATION company. Blockchain/Smart Contracts (though at least not cryptocurrency) in Process Automation. We have, indeed, an enormous client - just one, though. According to our CEO they are enthusiastically integrating it into their core activities... but I don't really trust that.

Also there's some interesting applications in imperfect trust and regulatory arbitrage which we are getting paid to handle, that non-blockchain things legitimately couldn't do. Which is why I'm not running away from the company at high speed.

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Nov 25, 2022Liked by Sarah Constantin

"{Metagenomics} for {Biomanufacturing and Drug discovery}" checking in. I've been through two acquisitions in as many years because the tech was real but the market was not. A lot of what you wrote here rings very true to me...

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