β€œWe imagine the future as blue (and silver, another 2023 trend) because the future is far and so is the sky.”

Also, maybe, redshift of the past receding into the distance; blueshift of the future rushing towards us...

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Excellent writing. Enjoy your perspective on colors and the feeling they might suggest.

Colors are beautiful should be important. I enjoy numbers and how they can explain reality, or compress something complicated into something more easily understood.

Numbers expressed in graphs or charts can truly take understanding to the next level of utility. BUT, use the wrong color or lazy color selection in the visual and "Gross, get that thing away from me!"

Use the right color and... it can approach Art or Style or Good Taste. πŸ€©πŸ™πŸ½

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I never quite figured out where Laura Wattenberg had gone when the BabyNameWizard blog died - thanks for showing me!

And I imagine that a ChatGPT round with a little bit of human tidying would be faster than hand-tagging all the looks, and thus might allow you to add in some sources other than Vogue (though perhaps it's actually valuable to just use that).

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